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Compact F 40 / F 45

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Compact F 40 / F 45

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Brand: Freudenburg

Tags: Cassette Filter G4 Pre Filter


Viledon Compact pocket filters F 40 and F 45 are used for supply, exhaust and recirculating air filtration in all kinds of ventilation systems, such as:

  • in general air-conditioning applications
  • for ventilating machine rooms and production areas
  • for exhaust and recirculating air filtration in paint lines
  • as prefilters for fine and micro-filters in industrial processes (metal processing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, optics, electronics, etc.),
  • in ventilation and air conditioning technology, in paint lines /paint spray booths and for gas turbines and compressors.


  • As filter media, we use our progressively structured high-performance nonwovens made in-house from tear-resistant synthetic organic fibers.
  • High separation capacity with low pressure drop, long service life and excellent cost-efficiency.
  • Maximized functional reliability thanks to the leak-proof welded configuration of the filter pockets, foamed-in polyurethane front frame.
  • Thanks to their shorter pockets, F 45 S filters offer a space-saving solution for plants where the use of long-pocket filters would not be possible.
  • F 45 R pocket filters with reversed filter media and hydrophobic finish offer excellent coalescing properties with a "front of filter" drainage effect. Therefore they are ideally suited for applications where filters are exposed to constant water spray or fogging.

* Data is from the corresponding pocket filter version F 45 S as the technical key data of F 45 R cannot be ascertained due to the test configuration according to EN 779 which does not provide for measurements of such a specific design. 

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