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Viledon hydroMaxx reverse pocket filters are the next generation of coalescer filters following the field-proven F 45 R pocket filter range. Offering high operational reliability and cost-efficiency they are ideally suited for intake air prefiltration at coastal, offshore and other high humidity locations of

  • gas turbines in power generation and in the oil and gas industry
  • compressors
  • diesel and gas engines

Here they provide optimum protection of the following filter stages for keeping them dry. 


hydroMaxx pocket filters offer four main benefits in one filtration concept.

  1. The reverse media’s hydrophobic, progressive nonwoven composition functions as a reliable coalescer for water droplets and high humidity.
    This feature enables the water droplets to combine and drain down from the vertical pockets.Thus salt and hydrocarbon ingress will be substantially reduced.
  2. Superior dust handling. Thanks to the reverse media concept, dust is not readily stored as in a traditional pocket filter. The hydroMaxx utilizes a self-supporting, integrated plastic cage system to optimize performance. Therefore the draining water washes off the dust captured on the filter media.
  3. Maximized functional reliability thanks to the leak-proof welded edge configuration of the filter pockets, foam-sealed into a PUR front frame, and dimensionally stable construction of the filter element as a whole.
  4. Various 2-in-1 filtration system solutions based on the unique modular clip-on system. This design allows close coupling to either the intermediate or the final filter without any structural modifications. Learn more about the various clip-on combinations in a video.

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