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GTS conical-cylindrical

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GTS conical-cylindrical

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Brand: Freudenburg

Tags: F9 Filter Cartridges For Turbo Machine Medium Filter


Pulse-jet filter cartridges of GTS conical-cylindrical series are used for intake air filtration of gas turbines and turbo compressors at both onshore and offshore installations. They are particularly suitable for locations with critical on-site conditions like desert areas or tropical climates with high relative humidity. 


  • GTS conical-cylindrical pulse-jet filter cartridges, with their optimized self-cleaning characteristics, maximize the lifetimes of intake air systems for turbomachinery and reduce the operating costs significantly.
  • Innovative high-strength synthetic microfiber nonwovens with water repellent coating enable the GTS series to maintain excellent operational characteristics in all climatic duty conditions including high humidity locations.
  • The filter medium achieves high arrestance performance, large dust holding capacity, a low average pressure drop and high cost-efficiency.
  • GTS filter cartridges have been optimized in terms of filtering area and pleat geometry. The active filtering area remains completely effective over its entire operating lifetime.
  • To minimize corrosion, the inner and outer support cages, plus the cover and base, are made from galvanized steel or stainless steel. These components are cast in a leakproof configuration, so as to ensure maximized security against dust breakthrough during pulse-jet cleaning.

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